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Braj Theatre,  registered as Braj Arts and Cultural Society, founded by alumni of Stanford and Indian Institute of Technology, aims to preserve our Indian heritage by promoting universal human values through devotional plays and dramas.


One of the ways to preserve our Indian heritage is by raising awareness about Braj region, a historic spiritual place located near the bank of river Yamuna. Braj region encompasses present day cities of Mathura, Vrindavan, Goverdhan, NandGaon and Barsana.


Braj region is of historical importance for the following reasons:

- Birth place of Lord Krishna (~5000 yrs old History)

- Epitome of devotion & Vaisnava Culture 

- Birth place of several Bhkati Arts (Keertans, Ram-leelas, Ras-leelas, Sanjhi, Pichvai, Hindola, Jhakis)

- Originator & promoter of devotional literature (Sri Ramcharit Manas, Bhagvat-Gita and Sri-Mad Bhagvatam, Bhaktmal)


Since centuries, this region was known for its lush forests, clean rivers and kunds. Its fresh, soothing and peaceful environment had the spiritual power of cleansing the minds and souls of pilgrims.


Unfortunately, this region is under threat of pollution, deforestation and unplanned development. Braj Theater hopes to support Braj region through Kund restoration and tree plantation so that future generations can experience the beauty of this region.


You can support us by doing anyone of the following:

- Attend our dramas/plays/kirtans/festivals.

- Promote "Braj Theater" among friends.

- Learn about the rich old tradition of Braj. Books are available at our performances for a nominal price.

- Participating in a Braj Yatra.

- By participating (onstage/back stage) in our plays.


We hope that our productions can raise awareness about the Hindu way of life as well as spiritual importance of Braj region among children and youth.


We have produced more than a dozen shows till date. Our theme is fixed- Devotion.


Invite our kirtan mandali for Ram-Krishna Hindi/Braj bhajans at your place.


We celebrate Braj Festivals in Braj style. All our events are free, so don't forget to sign-up


We support cow sewa and donate a substantial amount for cow sewa.

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